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Our Social Commitment

Naturescast is committed to sustainable development and adhere to the following core principles:

Profit with Principle - We believe in doing business with ethics, in caring for our employees and in good corporate governance.

Environment Stewardship – We believe in doing our part in protecting, caring and nurturing the planet through our green manufacturing practices and our eco-advocacies.

Social Responsibility – We believe in giving back to community and in lending our resources, time and expertise for the development of our employees and stakeholders.


Nature’s Legacy believes that economic growth cannot be attained without genuine concern for the protection of the environment. We uphold this philosophy as an institutional advocacy and give our total commitment to the protection of and care for the environment in the daily conduct of our business processes and endeavors.

Since the founding of the company, we have continuously adhered to our Green Policy to achieve the following priority objectives:

  • To uphold our corporate value of environmental stewardship by contributing to efforts geared towards the reduction of environmental stress and the reversal of the depletion of environmental resources
  • To advance sustainable development through company programs that enable our stakeholders to become better stewards of the environment and to live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle
  • To collaborate with institutions, organizations, networks and alliances that promote and practice sustainable business practices

We support the mission of the Sustainable Furniture Council in promoting sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry, to adhere to the principles of sustainable development and engaging our stakeholders in efforts to minimize carbon emissions, and the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste.

We commit to be advocates of sustainable manufacturing in the home furnishings industry through ethical business practices in our manufacturing plants, our facilities, work processes and daily operations.


We are currently implementing the following environmental initiatives and practices:

  1. Energy Reduction Practices

    The company implements an energy reduction and consciousness program through visual controls and procedures that help employees reduce consumption of electricity such as DST (Daylight Saving Time), compressed work week systems, use of bio-fuels, use of manual and semi-mechanized production methods, and the installation of roof insulation for company infrastructures with low ceiling to minimize heat and in turn contribute to the reduction of energy required for cooling such as fans and air-conditioning. The company’s Green Procurement Policy also requires purchase of energy efficient equipment such as Energy Star compliant office equipment and systems.

  2. Rainwater Collection and Water Conservation System

    An integral part of our manufacturing process is the water testing procedure which ensures that products are leak-free. This procedure utilizes an estimated 1,000 gallons of water daily and the effect of this procedure on the plant's ground water source is quite high. This led the company to establish a rainwater collection system. Two large reservoirs with a combined capacity of 25,000 gallons of rainwater were constructed to collect rainwater used for water testing.

  3. Waste Segregation System and Recycling

    The company has been practicing a waste segregation system as part of our standard operations. The company also has an environmental waste management system that includes waste monitoring and a waste chamber material recovery program that practices recycling and re-use of waste. Since 2002, the company has recycled empty steel barrels and used these are perimeter fence and roofing for sheds and similar infrastructure.

  4. Eco-friendly Material and Work Process Innovations

    The company is implementing a sustainable environment-friendly approach to the design of work processes with continuous research on material innovations and product development. We harness our competency in developing innovations to push for new eco-friendly materials and technologies that contribute to more responsible use of our natural resources.

  5. Reducing our Carbon Footprint

    The company procures its supplies and raw materials from sources within the 50-mile radius. The company provides a regular transportation shuttle service for employees to encourage carpooling. Regularized permanent employees are provided housing benefits, where the houses are within 15-minute walking distance to the main factory plant. The company housing facility also provides an area for communal gardening, which promotes self sufficiency and social sustainability.

  6. Environmental Targets

Aside from these environmental initiatives, the company has committed to specific targets for long term implementation of the reduction of its carbon footprint.

  1. Replacement/Conversion of all incandescent lamps with CFL lamps
  2. Production Waste reduction through improvements on the manufacturing system/methods of Naturecast resulting to maximized utilization of forest debris
  3. Construction of an additional Rain Water Reservoir/Collection System and integrating the use of collected rain water into the Naturescast (Plant) manufacturing process
  4. Production Waste reduction through improvements on the manufacturing system/methods of Naturecast resulting to maximized utilization of forest
  5. The recycling of scrap carton packing materials as additional raw material for the NUCAST manufacturing process.
  6. Nature’s Legacy is in its initial pre-audit stage and is already aligned in preparation for the following certifications: Forest Stewardship Council, Cradle to Cradle and SA 8000.

We aim to maintain, if not increase, the trust of our stakeholders through high quality products that are not only eco-friendly but also outstanding in design and functionality. In the process, we hope contribute to the creation of a growing number of ethical consumers who buy responsibly and are staunch defenders of the planet.



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