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About the company

Naturescast® Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of sustainable and versatile products. We are a subsidiary of Nature’s Legacy Eximport Inc., an exporting and manufacturing company established in December 1996 by social entrepreneurs Pete and Catherine Delantar. We are a registered company in Nevada (USA) with Asia operations based in Compostela, Cebu, Philippines.

About the product

NATURESCAST® is a versatile material innovation that uses Mother Earth’s natural scrap materials like dead barks, shrubs, fallen twigs, leaves, and other agro-forest waste which are recycled to produce a very varied line of hand crafted products.

The product’s main components are biodegradable, sustainable, and environment friendly. Its distinct and flexible properties make it a wonderful medium for home furnishings and even fashion pieces.

In 2002, during one of the many Clean and Green Community activities sponsored by Nature’s Legacy, associates and staff were able to gather a heap of agro-forest debris composed of fallen leaves, shrubs, and twigs. There was a suggestion to have these materials burn in a big bonfire but one of the company’s founders Cathy Delantar thought of a better way to get rid of the waste. After two years of research and experiments, NATURESCAST® was launched in Frankfurt, Germany in the Messe Frankfurt-Ambiente, Europes premiere home goods exhibition.

With US operations based in Las Vegas, owners Cathy and Pete Delantar have watched in awe as Hollywood celebrities and high-end hotels have furnished both their interior and exterior spaces with DECOR, WALL ART and ARCHITECTURAL SCULPTURES. The commercial community has also discovered ways to use the singular material in PACKAGING and VISUAL MERCHANDIZING. The latest foray into eco-chic fashion has produced JEWELRY and FOOTWEAR with an edge. Socially responsible, the company made changes in the lives of its employees and works incessantly to reduce its already negligible carbon footprint. Entering its next phase, Naturescast is seeking partners to bring the company to the next level, maximizing it’s potential for mass commercialization. Let Naturescast be your next ‘GREEN’ INVESTMENT.


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